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Welcome to our homepage, where is always Vel-Vet!!!

  • VEL-VET  poster heater
  • VEL-VET-keeps you warm and cozy regardless of season or weather condition
  • VEL-VET– proven for warming up rooms, offices, conservatories, green houses, garages, etc
  • VEL-VET-cost efficient in comparison with other heating systems
  • VEL-VET-great and smart design
  • VEL-VET-made of flat rolled carbon fibers
  • VEL-VET-quick reaches maximum temperature of 65oC minimal storage space when not in use

Made in Russia that has been spread out to France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, South Korea, New Zealand, Canada, Ecuador, Chile, etc. Now also available in Spain and has been met with positive response from many testimonies.
Nu Vel-Vet hade borjat samarbeta med Mas Amigos och från och med 2017.01.25. vid uppvisning av МА medlemskort kan man förvärva våra bästa värmaren med 10% rabatt!

Allow your self to feel the warmth and comfort of VEL-VET!!!

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