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Technical data

Voltage 220V
Consumption from 480 to 400Wt
Temperature on the surface of the 60-65С
Overall dimensions 580-1300 mm
Weight 0.4 Kgm

User manual

Flexible wall heaters “Vel -Vet” made according to modern technology.

The heater is environmentally friendly. It does not dry the air, do not burn the oxygen.

Lifetime-heaters “Vel -Vet” is 50,000 hours of continuous operation.

The heater is fireproof. No small children or elderly people can not get burned by touching it. This is ensured by the special design: in the area of direct contact of the reduced temperature.

If You want to create a comfortable environment where you work day or night where the sleeping-place the heater “Vel -Vet” the next and after a few minutes the heat will fill Your room with comfort!

If You want to heat up the entire room – for the best effect, place the heater near a source of cold: doors, Windows, siding, etc

The heater is not afraid of moisture. You can place it in the bathroom (when no hot water), in greenhouses or in greenhouses, glassed-in balcony. This is, of course, necessary to exclude from entering the heater water flow, and also to remember that the unit is built into a common electrical outlet.

A further convenience, the heater is in its flexibility. During transport and storage, it can be easily rolled into a compact roll.

It is FORBIDDEN to put themselves “Vel -Vet” in the bed, and put in the rolled up state, “Kind heating” can be the dried fruits, mushrooms, herbs.

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